Automated Outdoor and Garden Devices

Outdoor and Garden

Home automation has made life easier for many homeowners. Automation has given the owner full control of the daily tasks required to maintain a home. The capabilities of home automation include climate control, automated lighting, home entertainment and security systems that can be controlled from within the home or remotely through an internet connected device.

There are also robotic floor sweepers and vacuum cleaners that can scurry across the floors and keep them spotless without any assistance from the homeowner other than some initial button pushing. Automation makes living inside the home a sheer pleasure.

Fortunately there are also some sophisticated devices that can make maintaining the home's outward appearance a pleasure as well. Just as there are cleaners that roam around the home's interior there are automated devices to maintain the home's exterior.

Robotic Lawnmowers

The dream of the automatic lawnmower has been at the top of homeowner's wish lists for decades. Through the miracle of modern technology the dream is now a realization. Lawnmowers have jumped the gap from being pushed, driven or remotely controlled to being fully autonomous machines.

The LawnBott LB1200 Spyder is a robotic mower designed for smaller lawns. Not only is the lawnmower automated, it's the first design that doesn't require any guidance wires placed around the cutting area perimeter. It will only travel to where there is grass to cut. This unit operates for up to 3.5 hours on a battery charge.

A larger model, the LB1500 Spyder EVO, which can handle larger lawns, comes with an optional docking station which will allow recharging. The mower hibernates and is ready to continue its work the next day without any intervention. Just place these machines on the lawn, turn them on and they'll do the rest.

These mowers have no bag and there is no clean up. Ideally they are scheduled to run twice weekly keeping the lawn mulched and beautiful. The homeowner is forever relieved of this burdensome chore.

Pool Cleaners

If you're tired of cleaning your pool the old-fashioned way, a pool cleaning robot is for you. There are several companies that manufacture these robots. The iRobot Mirra 530 and the Polaris 9300 are two leading examples of these machines.

They use brushes and vacuum suction to clean as they roll along the bottom and sides of an in-ground pool. They clean the pool wall surfaces while filtrating and cleaning the water. These robots run autonomously, simply toss them in the pool and they determine the best route and begin working. Simply pick them up at their starting points when it's finished.

Gutter Cleaners

Climbing a ladder and extending your reach to clean the gutter can be a dangerous and exhausting experience. Gutter cleaning robots can change that. The iRobot Looj 330 gutter cleaning robot is one example of these robotic wonders. This gutter robot traverses the gutter unassisted.

Simply place the robot in a straight section of the gutter and it'll crawl along with a rotating auger and brush to sweep the branches, leaves and other debris out of the gutter. These robots moves autonomously, but most also have a manual control to return it to its starting point. Sorry, there's not one that can turn corners yet.

Lawn Irrigation Systems

Automated lawn irrigation systems assure the best looking lawns with the least amount of work. Controllers such as the INSTEON X10 8-Zone Sprinkler Controller can be integrated into current irrigation systems to give the owner control of up to 8 sprinkler valves. The valves can be controlled in any sequence or timing period. Control is accomplished with an Insteon X-10 automated home controller or from a PC.

Another example of this type controller is the Irrigation Caddy S1. This Ethernet based device is controlled from an iPhone or Android connected device. Since the controller internet based it can also be controlled through a computer's browser. It also offers numerous possibilities for zoning, start times and manual control all from the convenience of a Smartphone or computer.

Garden Effects

In-home automated lighting features can also be extended to the exterior of the home. Garden lighting can be programmed to perform the same routines as interior lighting. Features can be activated with a central touchscreen or from the internet using a Smartphone or PC.

Lighting can be activated to light pathways, pools, fountains, fire-pits or other exterior features. Impressive lighting scenes can also be programmed. Pump motors can be controlled for spectacular fountain affects or a grill can be started remotely.

There's probably an automated device to meet any homeowner's needs. These devices may help maintain the home or be strictly for pleasure. As technology advances there may come a point in time where no interaction at all is required with these devices. The homeowner's time will strictly be for pursuing activities that he or she enjoys.

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