The Benefits of Home Automation

Today many homeowners enjoy the benefits of home automation. Touchscreens, iPads, Android devices and voice control provide the means for controlling their home from wherever they are.

The ability of a home to monitor itself has been a great boon. Being able to adjust temperatures, monitor alarms or automatically water the lawn are just a few of the basic benefits of a Smart Home. So, what are the true benefits of an automated or Smart Home?.


By far the biggest benefit is convenience. Home automation systems allow the owner to monitor and control their home whether they're at home or away. Convenience includes such things as being able to set temperature, adjust lighting or fine tune the entertainment system all at the push of a button. Imagine saving energy by having the temperature automatically lowered during the day and then be adjusted perfectly before arriving home.

This same control is available even if the homeowner is out of town. While on vacation they have more control over their home. If they want a friend to water the plants they no longer need to give them the house key. A time can be set up for the friend to enter the home or it can be done remotely with a Smartphone.


Although convenience is a major benefit of an automated home security is on equal standing as one of the major benefits of a Smart Home. Having peace of mind and knowing that the family and home is safe whether they're there or away is priceless.

Modern automated security systems include surveillance cameras that can be controlled remotely and the video viewed real time on an iPhone or other connected device. These cameras can be set to be triggered by motion. They have infrared for night viewing and can alert the homeowner or police if the need arises.

Entrances to the home can be monitored. Any unauthorized entry can instantly send an alarm to a designated individual or the authorities. Doors can be locked automatically. With home automation, there's no more forgetting to lock the door due to running late or some other distraction. There's no more worry because you're not sure the children locked the door when they left the house. It's all taken care of. Just push a digital button and the doors are locked.

Energy Savings

Having a home automation system in control of your home's climate can be can be monetarily beneficial as well as making a bold Green statement. Having the home temperature adjusted to the most efficient setting without human intervention can save dollars off your utility bill. Temperatures can be adjusted for special occasions ahead of time then returned to the most efficient settings automatically.

Appliances and lighting can be monitored to be sure they're not accidentally left on wasting energy and adding unnecessarily to the utility bill. This can all be controlled automatically or at the press of a button from anywhere. Even with just basic temperature and lighting controls home automation can prove itself beneficial to any homeowner.

The Elderly and Disabled

One of the greatest benefits of home automation is for the elderly or disabled individual. Home automation has moved from the dream of the future into reality of today. Home automation can provide the invisible assistant needed for some seniors as they continue to do tasks around their homes as their capabilities decline.

As we grow older our memory capabilities begin to decline. Home automation can supplement declining memory capabilities allowing seniors to live in their homes longer. Smart Homes can monitor appliances such as stoves or coffee pots and sound a gentle alarm as a reminder to turn these devices off. Appliances can also be automatically turned off in an emergency or after the individual retires for the evening.

Beepers can be sounded when it's time for medication to be taken. Monitoring of critical bodily functions can trigger an alarm if the individual is having a medical problem. The alarm can notify a family member or emergency medical services.

Authorized remote viewing is one of the greatest benefits that home automation can provide for the elderly or disabled. Audio and video assistance is almost like having an assistant in the home. The Smart Home has provided an era of safety and independence for these individuals only imagined a few decades ago.

How Cool Is That

Aside from the more concrete benefits of home automation a major benefit for the owner is the wow and fun factor. Everyone enjoys the coolness of being able to launch an app and make something happen or having a friend watch you control multiple devices from a touchscreen.

Whether it's a basic system for controlling lighting or a complex setup that controls everything in the home, the benefits of home automation are numerous and growing.

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